Yarra Valley’s Great Wall of Chocolate

Yarra Valley’s Great Wall of Chocolate

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 07/27/2017

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Wine isn’t the only thing this grand valley has to offer!

Chocolate lovers listen up! There’s a delectable place in Melbourne in the heart of the Yarra Valley that will have your sweet tooth satisfied for weeks. The Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery provides visitors with an incredibly special experience surrounded by thousands of different types of chocolate.

Set amongst the sprawling scenery of one of Australia’s premium winemaking regions, the Chocolaterie is an experience best served up for the whole family. Free chocolate and ice cream tastings come together with sessions from talented chocolatiers and the chance to try more than 250 different chocolate products using a variety of home-grown and locally-sourced ingredients.

Once you step inside the store itself, you’re greeted to a chocolate-y haven filled to the brim with truffles, pastilles, and homemade flavours just waiting to be tried and tasted.

At the entrance, dig into the three free sample baskets that are piled high with white, milk, and dark chocolate so you can determine your preference before you begin shopping. And, once you’ve tucked into those, you can browse the aisles of chocolate-y goodness, picking up souvenirs for yourself and presents for friends and family back home.

The chocolates at the Chocolaterie are handcrafted by a talented team of Belgian and French Chocolatiers, and the produce is strictly exclusive to the picturesque hills of the Yarra Valley and its Chocolaterie. In the showroom, there are more than 250 different kinds of homemade creations to try and choose from, and you can also learn how the chocolates are made and packaged while you’re on-site.

The Great Wall of Chocolate

Perhaps the biggest draw of the Chocolaterie is the Great Wall of Chocolate. Featuring a selection of 34 different kinds of chocolate, including the unique Kitchen Garden range that uses only ingredients grown in the Chocolaterie’s kitchen garden, and Bush Tucker chocolate bars that are made using native ingredients and packaging created by a local Indigenous tribe. In addition to tasty treats, the wall also boasts a collection of cocoa inspired beauty products. No matter what your favourite chocolate flavour is, we gurantee you’ll enjoy at least one of the boxed selections . Purchase a couple for your friends and family for birthdays to thank you gifts, or simply get your own to enjoy the delicious taste of the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie at home!

Elsewhere, you can kick back and relax in the on-site café and admire the stunning views across the Yarra Valley. Tuck into indulgent desserts, fondues, pastries, and ice cream while marvelling at the picturesque scenery of the surroundings. There is even a range of home-made icecream on offer that’ll ease your chocolate overload, from fresh fruit sorbet to delicious salt caramel flavours!

After you tried a tasting session, you can wander the grounds of the architecturally brilliant Chocolaterie, passing through the lush gardens and exploring the wetlands conservation area.

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Cameron Ward
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