Mount Buller

Mount Buller, Victoria

Mount Buller, Victoria 3723

If you thought Australia doesn’t get snow, think again. Mount Buller is one of Australia’s best destinations for the winter snow season to ski, snowboard, and enjoying the outdoors.

Mt Buller

During the summer, people use the mountain for alpine hiking and mountain biking. Located only a few hours drive northeast of Melbourne, Mount Buller is a popular location for a long weekend getaway for city dwellers.

Mount Buller first opened up as a resort mountain and village during the winter months for locals to ski and snowboard on the few runs available. Since then, the mountain has increased its runs, became a destination all year-round, and even is the home to the National Alpine Museum. Mount Buller is also a popular destination for foreigners who are in Australia under the Working Holiday Visa to get seasonal work. For those who are used to snow in their home lands, this is a perfect place to enjoy the snow.

Things to do at Mount Buller

  • Ski or Snowboard

    Regardless whether you are visiting the snow for the first time, or a frequent guest, hitting the smooth snowy slopes is a must. With the number one appeal at Mount Buller. Choose your weapon, either the longboard, or two sticks and polls, and head off! Speeding down the mountain, zigzagging through the bush, or falling flat on your face! The resort has a range of slope paths, with each marked with a colour. These colours define how hard these paths are, with green being for beginners, blue for immediate, and black for advanced only. Helping newbies skip any dangerous paths and sticking to the calmer routes. If you prefer getting the hang of things with some professional help, lessons for all ages are available, either evoke old skills or teaching newbies techniques. Prefer a horizontal adventure? Try out cross country skiing, immersing yourself in the thick bushland while trudging through the thick white snow.

  • Toboggan down the Slopes

    Mount Buller Tobogganing

    Kids will love the exhilarating experience at Mount Buller. Letting them speed down the small toboggan hills of the resort. It’s a cheap and easy way to entertain the kids, without the need for frustrating lessons or high levels of fitness and experience. There are two main toboggan areas on Mount Buller, the first being beside the Celia’s Kiosk as well as the other in the Village next to the Alpine Central.

  • Mountain Biking the Mountain

    In the summer, thousands of people come to Mount Buller to experience their mountain bike trails. With first-class trails being added every year, Mount Buller is on its way to becoming an international mountain biking destination like Queenstown, New Zealand and Whistler, British Columbia. There are rental facilities in the village to rent pushbikes or mountain bikes to take advantage of the beautiful terrain regardless of your level of expertise. Mount Buller also hosts the Victorian Downhill State Series race every year, bringing in hundreds of mountain bike enthusiasts.

  • Cycling Along the Road

    Mount Buller is not just for snow sports and mountain biking. Road cycling is also a popular sport that has gained momentum on the mountain. Cyclists use the road up to the mountain as a great way to train with the high gradient of the road up to the village.

  • Hike up to the Top

    The hiking trails available in the summer are top-notch for hikers. There are trails for all levels of fitness, and you can pick up a map of the area in the village before heading out on the mountain. Getting out into the wilderness during the summer allows you to experience the mountain with a different terrain and views that will make your jaw drop. Camping is not allowed on Mount Buller but there are options close by. If you’re wanting to experience the outdoors, but don’t want to spend the money to go cross-country, Mount Buller is a fantastic option for those living and visiting the Melbourne area.

  • Refuel for the Day

    Refuel after a tiring day in the snow and rest up those aches and pains at one of Mount Buller cosy restaurants. Lining the Village area, the restaurants range from quick takeaway snacks to full 5-star meals at award-winning bistros. Warm yourself up with the hearty meals and wash it down with some delicious choice of wine, mulled cider, or a refreshing beer. If you’d rather a coffee and café, several cafes are scattered about perfect for a morning or afternoon break from the cold.

  • Ride a Horse

    Sit back while someone else trudges through the snow! Horse riding is offered throughout the year, letting you discover both the spring wildlife of Mount Buller and the popular snow season all from atop a horse.

  • Enjoy a Spa Day

    After even just one day of skiing, you most likely will have some aches, luckily, this is where the Mount Buller spa resort comes in handy! Enjoy a relaxing facial, mesmerising massage, or a luxury sauna experience.

How to get to Mount Buller

  • Taking your own car

    A lot of travellers visiting Mount Buller prefer the independent route. Making their own way to the mountaintop by swerving along the winding roads. However, it recommends for drivers to have an adequate level of experience in driving long and windy routes. With steep hills and slippery streets getting even harder the closer you get to your destination. In particularly bad weather, snow chains on your wheels may be required, which can be a pain to put on. Regardless of these worries, driving up yourself can allow you to do frequent stops at natural wonders, and give you the freedom you may be craving for your holiday.

  • Hope on a Mt Buller Tour Bus

    Skip the stress and simply hop on a tour for the day! These buses pick you straight up from the centre of Melbourne City and take you on the long journey up to the mountaintops, dropping you right back by the end of the day. If you are looking for some activities during the day, the tours can offer you lift passes, lessons, and all the snow equipment you need! Making this tiring adventure into a much easier one with the help of the experts.

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