What’s on this Melbourne Winter?

What’s on this Melbourne Winter?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 06/24/2019

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We know Melbourne as the cold and frosty city of Australia, their wintertime jam-packed with rainy days and windy nights. But Melbournians take this in your stride, decking the city out in magical lights, cosy bars and restaurants, and a mountain of fun activities. Travellers don’t have to head back to their hotels once the rain and cold comes to Melbourne, as the city is the capital of cool, offering delicious cuisine and drinks to warm you up, as well as sensational activities and attractions such as live music, festivals, and markets to have your holiday plans crammed with excitment!

  • Winter Village at Fed Square

    Winter Village

    Located right behind Federation Square, this otherwise deserted concrete area is transformed into a winter wonderland. Decorated with fake white snow, white tipped trees, and large cosy igloos for visitors. Grab a group of your closest mates and snuggle up under the blankets as you enjoy a delicious hot cinnamon cocktail. Otherwise, you can warm yourself on the large ice-skating rink nearby, letting visitors of all ages whiz around the frosty ice.

  • Queen Victoria Winter Night Market

    Weekdays in the middle of winter aren’t everyone’s favourite time, however, Melbourne makes them just a bit more appealing with a spectacular night market smack bang in the middle of the week. Queen Victoria Market is the biggest marketplace in the city, swarming with both locals and tourists every morning. However, during the wintertime, the gates open every Wednesday from five o’clock onwards. Promising mouth-watering grub, delicious goodies, and fantastic performances for all to enjoy!

  • AFL Football

    Get in the local groove and watch an exciting game of footy! Although AFL isn’t very successful overseas, in Australia it is by far the biggest sport around, particularly with Melburnians. The city is home to the massive MCG stadium which hosts the game’s grand final every year. Grab a beer and pie and scream and shout along with the locals!

  • NGV Friday Nights

    Warm up in the winter at the city’s famous gallery, the NGV. Instead of going in the daytime like everyone else, however, check in after dusk, enjoying the warm rooms filled with extraordinary artworks with a glass of wine. Seeing the art during a cold and rainy night gives it an entirely different feel. With the gallery turning into a lively and social atmosphere as you enjoy the fine art.

  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

    The famous book series has a new chapter, in the form of a play! Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play is a wonderful display of magic, characters, and the Harry Potter world! Entrancing all who see it! Melbourne is only the second place to showcase it, coming in second to London. Don’t miss your chance to see some once in a lifetime, fantastic live performances.

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Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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