Dominique Portet Winery – The best of Yarra Valley

Dominique Portet Winery – The best of Yarra Valley

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/22/2016

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Created from a family with ten generations of winemakers have formed one of the best wineries within the Yarra Valley

Australia’s wine is known throughout the world as being among the very best. Home to a wide range of wineries spread out across the country’s most luscious and fruitful areas, it’s no wonder that they have such a towering reputation. Victoria is home to some of Australia’s very best wineries, just 90km’s east of Melbourne the Yarra Valley can be found, boasting 160 wineries and over 300 vineyards.


Nestled in the heart of the valley lies the Dominique Portet Winery. Through ten generations of winemakers, the Portet family has developed an unparalleled understanding of the inner workings of their winery. The art of winemaking for this family began in the bountiful vineyards of Bordeaux, with a keen interest in wine sparking a long line of descendants who possessed the same passion. Dominique Portet picked up this trade and took it with him to Australia, where he developed one of Yarra Valley’s very best wineries. His son, Ben Portet, has now continued in his forebears’ footsteps, maintaining the family legacy admirably.

About Dominique Portet Winery

The Dominique Portet winery displays a rich, Mediterranean atmosphere that reflects its roots in southern France. The sweeping lawns and vast vineyards mingled with the modern rooms exude a sense of class and style like no other. From the terraces of the French Café, you will have an incredible view of the breathtaking winery around you as you enjoy a delicious lunch served using only the finest artisanal ingredients. The cellar door transports you to the beautiful countryside of France as you walk among the large oak barrels, treating your senses to the delectable taste, smell and sight of the wine as you taste it fresh from the barrel. Ben Portet Specialises in sparkling wine, sauvignon blanc, rosé and shiraz and has developed an award-winning cabernet sauvignon that has consistently stood out as the very best throughout the entire Yarra Valley region.

What to do at the Dominique Portet Winery?

  • Wine Experiences

    If you aren’t sure what wine to start off with, why not join in on a delicious wine tasting experience? Offering about six of the company’s finest Yarra Valley wines, including delcioius drops such as the Sparkling Brut Rosé and the rich Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • Bistro

    The winery is also home to a delicious bistro, which focuses’ on a French cuisine style. Cooking with Yarra Valley sourced ingredients to serve the freshest dishes possible! Head Chef Jarrod Hudson is one of the most renowned chefs around, so matter what you think of the wine, you’ll love the food served!

A visit to the Dominique Portet Winery in Yarra Valley is sure to be an unforgettable trip as you are treated to the luxurious experience of wine tasting in one of the country’s leading wine regions.

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