Visit the Laneways

A Guide to the Best Laneways in Melbourne

Step off the main streets of Melbourne and turn into some of the most beautiful laneways you will ever see!

Laneways at their core, are quintessentially the very heart and soul of Melbourne City. Small thoroughfares nestled quietly between shopfronts that you might almost miss when walking past, and large airy lanes with open spaces and classy restaurants are only some of the types of treasures found in the heart of the city. When you’re in Melbourne, you’re bound to stumble across one of them, but how do you distinguish the amazing from the just average? Visit Melbourne to discover the hidden gems at the centre of the cultural scene and some of the best laneways that rival those of Europe!

  • Hosier Lane

    Hosier Lane

    Arguably the most popular laneway in Melbourne, Hosier Lane is a hotspot for tourists who come in their masses to witness the street art that lines the walls of this laneway. The iconic bluestone lane is home to Melbourne’s revitalised urban art scene and features edgy bars and delectable celebrations of worldly restaurants such as Movida; a Spanish tapas bar that serves up exotic delights that are fused with ingredients locally sourced in Melbourne.

  • Hardware Lane

    Hardware Lane is Melbourne’s very own European inspired hub in the centre of the city. With alfresco dining, live music nightly and countless restaurants to choose from, Hardware Lane is Hosier Lane’s grown up older sister. It’s a sophisticated airy space that is brighter and leafier with shopfronts like jewellers and suit tailors lining the arcade. Head to Israeli superstar chef Eyal Shani’s sixth instalment of Mediterranean restaurant Miznon; the internationally acclaimed restaurant that has become popular in Melbourne due to its incorporation of fresh local produce.

  • Degraves Street

    The fast-paced nature of Degraves Street sees countless workers every morning on their pursuit to the office, but not before they stop in this laneway for some seriously good coffee. Local artisan boutiques and eateries line the strip which is perfectly located across the way from Flinders Street Station. For foodies, this is one of the best laneways to eat in, and if you have a sweet tooth, Little Cupcakes is a distinctly Parisian café that specialises in scrumptious cupcakes.

  • Centre Place

    One of the first of the laneways to undergo a major revitalisation back in the 1980’s, Centre Place is somewhat bohemian with many nooks and crannies that houses hidden treasures like fusion restaurants, grungy street art and is often the base for buskers in Melbourne. Vibrant and lively, Centre Place quietly comes to life at night with secret bars like Hell’s Kitchen that can be found by walking up a set of stairs with kegs stacked up at the base of them. Snugly residing between Flinders and Collins Street, the unique thoroughfare of Centre Place is home to eateries such as B3, a French baguette institute that is well loved by locals. Be sure to keep an eye out for ‘hole in the wall’ restaurants that can be missed if you aren’t looking close enough, as these establishments are usually some of the best of contemporary dining experiences in Melbourne.

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