Visit the Moomba Festival

Visit the Moomba Festival

Along the banks of the Yarra, Melbourne’s iconic Moomba Festival showcases a program jam-packed with incredible events and activities!

Melbourne is known to be a city that never sleeps. Whether you enjoy sports, shopping, dining, or culture, this city has something for everyone. But above all, Melbourne is known for its festivals. Each month, thousands of visitors and locals alike come together to celebrate a new or returning festival. Festivals have been a part of Melbourne’s attraction for years, and one of the city’s best is the Moomba Festival.

Held every Labour Day weekend, the Moomba Festival is Australia’s biggest free event, set out to celebrate the vibrant city itself. It’s held over four days located down on the Yarra River in the center of town. Families, visitors, and all others swarm the festival to check out the events held throughout the four days. The festival is one of the largest festivals in Australia and attracts over one million people each year.

What to See

Each year festival goes make their way down to the river, eager to see the events put on by locals and international acts. There are firework displays, carnivals, food stalls, live music, and ends with the famous Moomba parade down the main streets of Melbourne. Back by popular demand year after year is the Birdman Rally, which attracts thousands for its outrageous and hilarious show. The rally participants dress up and attach wings to their costumes in order to try and fly off a four-meter platform in the middle of the Yarra River. You can only imagine the colourful and creative costumes the contestants can come up with!

The Events

Because the festival is centered around the river, the main events are generally water based. Catch a water-skiing show, boat race, or watch people throw themselves off a platform and make a big splash. Regardless of the event, you are guaranteed to be amused. If that’s not enough to keep you busy, the carnival is jam packed with entertaining rides, games, and genuine carnival food.

  • Moomba Fireworks

    Stay at the festival after the sun goes down and feel the explosion of joy as the sky lights up with the glow of fireworks! The fireworks light up the festival each night of the Moomba festival, so no matter what day you join in on the fun, you won’t miss this event!

  • Moomba Masters Championship

    The best watersport athletes will flock to the Yarra River to compete in the Moomba Masters Championship! The world-class water skiers and wakeboarders across 16 countries are battling it out across five days in March, hoping to snag the top spot in a series of competitions. Sit along the bank and enjoy this marvelous display of water skill!

  • Moomba Monarchs

    Another fun event during the weekend is the crowning of the Moomba Monarchs. The Monarchs are announced well before the festival, but the crowning ceremony is held that weekend. The king and queen that are chosen are local Melbourne born residents who have made an impact around the world. This year’s king and queen are a famous cricket star and a Bollywood actress!

Whether you’re wanting to soak up the sun, take the family out for some good old fashioned entertainment, or catch a local music gig, the Moomba Festival is a festival you won’t want to miss.

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