Experience the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island

Experience the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island

Watch as the sunsets the cute little penguins waddle up Summerland Beach in Phillip Island.

Phillip Island, just off the coast of Melbourne City, is a haven of wildlife. Travellers from all over the world and locals come down to Phillip Island for a day trip or a short getaway. Most of these people are here visiting the island to catch a glimpse of the smallest penguin in the world, the fairy penguin.

You can watch these penguins arrive at Summerland Beach every evening at sunset at the Penguin Parade. These penguins arrive at sunset after they’ve spent the day catching themselves a few fish.

Penguin Parade

Things to do at the Penguin Parade

You’ll be able to watch the penguins waddle up the shoreline while learning more about their habitat, behaviour, and history on the island. You’ll have a chance to explore the educational displays and stories in the Visitors Centre and admire the stunning natural beauty that characterises the island.

• The Penguin Parade
The Penguin Parade itself takes place on Summerland Beach with its own viewing area for visitors. Tiered seating gives you a 180-degree view all around the beach and beyond, which means you’ll easily be able to watch the penguins as they come ashore.

There are also a few timber boardwalks where you can watch the little penguins as they bustle around their burrows. The entire venue helps the community of penguins to survive in the region, researching and giving the penguins a sustainable environment!

• Penguins Plus
For an upgraded viewing experience, the Penguins Plus platform is based on the landscape around it. This gives visitors the chance to view the penguins from up close alongside a detailed commentary of the penguins and their lives.

This area can only hold up to around 300 people, but it provides some of the best penguin viewing spots on the beach!

Penguin Parade on Summerland Beach

• Underground viewing
To view the penguins from a different perspective, take the underground viewing experience. This is where you can watch the penguins walk by the windows and be at eye level with them. From underground, you’ll be able to see them close up, giving you a more intimate experience than the other viewing options.

• Guided ranger tour
Spend the evening with a small group and a ranger guide who tells you more about the penguins. You’ll go to a different seating area and still watch the little penguins come up to shore at sunset.

• Ultimate adventure tour
The ultimate adventure tour is a small group where you walk to a secluded beach away from the crowd. Sitting down on the sand, you’ll watch these little penguins walk up the beach towards you.

• The Visitor Centre
Before taking a seat to watch the penguins, take some time wandering the informational section of the Penguin Parade. There are displays and multi-media sections which give visitors a better understanding of the penguin’s day to day life.

If you are hungry, there is a fully operational cafe in the informational centre. You can enjoy a quick dinner or have a simple coffee to wake yourself up before heading into the darkness!

What to do before the Penguin Parade

If you’re in Phillip Island for the day, here is a list of things you can do before you watch the cute penguins at sunset.

The Nobbies lookout

• The Nobbies
The Nobbies has beautiful scenery, an information centre, and a chance to see Australian fur seals. Follow the boardwalk towards Seal Rocks for your chance to see the fur seals playing about!

Also, take some time to stop by the Nobbies Centre for the Antarctic Journey. Inside there are a range of displays and interactive activities that are suitable for the whole family.

• Koala Conservation Reserve
The best place to see koalas in their national habitat is at the Koala Conservation Reserve. Walk along two of the boardwalks and look out for the koalas sleeping or eating in the eucalyptus trees.

• Phillip Island Wildlife Park
One of the best places to see over 100 different species of Aussie animals. The Phillip Island Wildlife Park gives you a chance to hand feed and pat kangaroos and wallabies. You’ll also see wombats, koalas, Tassie devils, dingoes, and so much more!

The Penguin Parade really is one of Australia’s most popular wildlife experiences. It gives you the chance to watch this incredible show of nature and learn more about the fascinating little penguins and their habitat.

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