Experience the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island

See the smallest penguins in the world waddle up Phillip Island’s shores!

Phillip Island, just off the coast of Melbourne City, is a haven of wildlife. Perhaps the most prominent animal encounter facility is the Penguin Parade, which offers a first hand view of the penguins every evening, set up along the beach to see the local colony of Little Penguins make their way up the beach after a long, hard day of fishing.

You’ll be able to watch the world’s smallest penguin waddle up the shore line while learning more about their habitat, behaviour, and history on the island. As well as watching the parade itself, you’ll have a chance to explore the educational displays and stories in the Visitors’ Centre and admire the stunning natural beauty that characterises the island.

  • The Penguin Parade

    The Penguin Parade itself takes place on Summerland Beach with its own viewing area for visitors. Tiered seating gives you a 180-degree view all around the beach and beyond, which means you’ll easily be able to watch the penguins as they come ashore. There are also a number of timber boardwalks that you can wander along to watch the Little Penguins as they bustle around their burrows. The entire venue helps the community of penguins to survive in the region, researching and giving the creatures a sustainable environment in this eco-friendly tourism spot!

  • Penguins Plus

    For a more VIP viewing experience, the Penguins Plus platform is based on the landscape around it, giving visitors the chance to view the penguins from up close alongside a detailed commentary of the penguins and their lives. This area can only hold up to 300 people, but it provides some of the best penguin viewing spots on the beach.

  • Underground Viewing

    To view the penguins from a different perspective, take the underground viewing experience where you can watch the penguins from above as they work their way through their natural habitat. From underground, you’ll be able to see them close up and at eye-level, giving you a more intimate experience than the other viewing options.

  • The Penguin Sky Box

    Alternatively, you can watch the penguins from above on the elevated viewing tower. Up to five people each evening can watch the parade from the ultimate viewing point, where they can speak to the ranger and help count the penguins as they come ashore.

    The Informational Centre

Before even taking a seat out on the beach, take some time wandering the informational section of the Penguin Parade. There are international displays and multi-media sections which give visitors a better understanding on the penguins day to day life. If you are hungry, there is a fully operational cafe in the informational centre, letting you refuel on a quick dinner, or a simple coffee to wake yourself up before heading into the darkness!

The Penguin Parade really is one of Australia’s most popular wildlife experiences, and it gives you the chance to watch this incredible show of nature and learn more about the fascinating Little Penguins and their habitat. It takes place every evening on Summerland Beach, a beautiful part of Phillip Island that is protected and conserved for the penguins.

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