What is Melbourne known for?

What is Melbourne known for?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/27/2021

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Melbourne is a glorious metropolis, complete with cafe-lined alleyways, sporting events galore and a thriving art scene that rivals some of the world’s great cosmopolitan cities.

Melbourne City Laneway

What makes Melbourne so special is that it’s revered for so many things, and locals and visitors alike always find something to do in this world city.

So let’s dive into a few of the things that make Melbourne such a beloved city for locals and visitors alike.

  • It’s the sporting capital of the world

    Yep, we said, and it is most certainly true. Sure, London has Wimbledon, Monaco the world’s finest Grand Prix and Augusta The Masters, but guess what? Melbourne has an equivalent for all these events and then some… Melbourne hosts the Australian Open in January, the Grand Prix in March and the occasional Presidents Cup (just to name a few). Add them to our rotating roster of AFL (created in Melbourne), rugby, soccer, basketball and netball fixtures and you have the recipe for, well, The Sporting Capital of the World!

  • We have a vibrant arts scene

    Melbourne has been Australia’s cultural hub since the days of Acca Dacca playing local pubs and Paul Kelly singing about “that one sweet promenade”. From St Kilda’s vibrant entertainment district to the CBD’s galleries and exhibitions, and up to the northside’s hip bars offering a host of local punk, hip hop, techno and world music gigs, people from around the world come to Melbourne in droves for a little fun and perhaps a little late night revelry.

  • It’s a beautiful, diverse city

    Have you ever walked the tiny laneways of Melbourne’s CBD on a rainy Saturday afternoon? It’s an incredibly beautiful experience, and if the rain gets a bit too much there are near-endless cafes, bars and restaurants to curl up in. Melbourne is a diverse city that welcomes its multicultural heritage. Whether you’re stopping in for an espresso at Pellegrini’s, a hot bowl of pho at Little Brother or tacos and margaritas at Mamasita, there is something for everyone to enjoy on those rainy days.

  • Our summers are awesome, too

    Melbourne comes alive in summer, with fun loving people getting down to our near-endless parks, gardens and beaches for some sun and a picnic. Sure, our beaches might not rival those found in Sydney or Perth, but our parks and gardens are some of the lushest and pristine on the planet. Locals tend to choose them over the beach, to be honest.

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Cameron Ward
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